Tusker Metal Custom Barrel BBQ

Tusker Metal Custom Barrel BBQ are designed based on your specifications likes and wishes.  We offer two different sizes of the custom barrel BBQ: the standard barrel and the tailgator


Tusker Metal Custom Barrel BBQ

Barell BBQ

Tusker Metal Custom Barrel BBQ is designed with the griller in mind. The Barrel BBQ offers a large grilling area with an approximate total of 4.5 square feet grilling area.  Each BBQ is mounted on a custom frame with two side tray, two lower shelves and locking caster wheels allows you to move the Custom Barrel BBQ with ease. Many additional features are available for the Custom Barrel BBQ, including thermostat, rotisserie kit and lifting mechanism to raise or lower the coals.

Prices starting from $1195.00

Tusker Metals BBQ Tailgator

Tailgator BBQ

The Tusker Metals Custom Barrel BBQ also comes in a mini version, the Tailgator.  The tailgator has a unique lift feature that allows you to raise the coals closer to the BBQ grilling area for perfect searing.  The tailgator hooks onto your trailer-hitch and locks in place for easy transportation. When you arrive at your destination, simply unhook the custom barrel bbq and lower the side leg and you are ready to start grilling

Prices starting from $500.00

Margarita Grill BBQ

Margarita BBQ

The Margarita BBQ is an alternate option of the Custom Barrel BBQ designed by Tusker Metals. Its features a height adjustment mechanism to raise or lower your meat from the coals to get the perfect bbq.  

Prices starting from $