Custom Steel Furniture

Tusker Metals has designed custom steel furniture that is unique, modern and one-of-a-kind.  The custom steel furniture selection showcases simple tables, industrial furniture armoires and steel light fixtures



Steel Artisian Collection Armoir

The beautiful steel armoir is made from steel rectangle tube and bare steel sheets. Adding a simple gate latch and metal gate hinges gives this custom steel furniture an industrial, modern, sleek feel. 

depth 16", width 56", height 90"

steel armoir
steel buffet metal buffet and cage

Steel Artisan Collection Buffet

The steel artisan collection showcases the rustic elements of this handcrafted two-piece buffet unit.  Made of 11ga steel, the subtle square tube frame molding, inset doors and steel hardware complements the contrasting upper storage cage.

lower buffet: lengths 84" width 36" height 80"

Upper storage cage: length 84" width 36" height 40"

Steel Artisan Collection Cage

The woven wire, along with the rustic elements of the steel square tube, create an attractive and secure storage unit that is functional and modern.

depth 12" width 132" height 119"

steel wire wine cage or steel storage
steel and wood modern barstools

Steel Artisan Collection

Rustic wood with metal steel square tube frame turns this simple rolling table and bar-stools into a focal point for any room


When you get to our retreat you will be given space to relax and enjoy nature and the scenery.

steel garden awning steel trellis

Garden Awning

Our Garden Awning is absolutely stunning as the rose bushes begin to climb up the side arches.  The custom steel garden trellis is built from steel square tube and welded together to create a solid structure for any garden setting.  Tusker Metals can create any custom garden trellis or awning to your specifications.  Feel free to call us for a custom quote