Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian gates a perfect way to make a grand entrance to your home


Lily Gate

Lilly gate hand forged lilies and leaves crate a custom entry to your property


Simple Side Yard Gate

This gate was designed for our customers dog run.  Offered access to the side yard and kept their precious pet safe and secure.


Grape Leaf Gate

Our Grape Leaf gate is a one-of-a-kind piece.  The vines are hand twisted through the gate to create a unique custom entry. 


Side Yard Gate

Another simple side yard gate designed with perforated metal for added security

Tusker Surplus 067 copy

Custom Entry Door

This custom entry door was designed around the ornamental embellishments.  We built a safe and secure entry door from steel square tube.   

baby gate

Custom Baby Gate

Tusker Metals was hired by one of our customers to design an attractive baby gate to prevent falls from little ones. 

doggie door-photoshop pic copy

Custom Dogie Door

A customer asked us to design a door specifically for his pre-made dog door.  We built the screen door around the dogie door


Sunrise pedestrian Gate

This double entry pedestrian gate powder-coated in metalic silver sets the mood as you enter the courtyard.  

pedestrian-burnt-wood gate

Pedestrian Burnt Wood

The hand torching detail on the burnt wood makes this side gate feel authentic old Italian


Simmons Copper Ped Gate

After you are settled, you will be given some tea with herbs in it that will help your reflecting process.


Grape Vine Dual Pedestrian Gate

This incredible work of art is embellished with grapes, grape leaves and etched grape vine intertwining the pickets as though it has come to life.  The customer wanted a solid bottom base to keep the dogs in the courtyard, but balance the heavy weight of the gate with beauty and art .

tusker-metals-white-safety-entrance door-jpg copy

Security Door

The security door adds safety to any home.  This particular Safety Door was powder coated in white, but can be colored to match your homes trim colors