Straight Fence Panels

At Tusker Metals we create and design custom fence panels, designed to your specifications.  Each fence is created with your needs in mind.

hand forged fence solid steel flat bar

Hand Forged Scroll Fence

Our customer had acquired two panels over 20 years ago from an acquaintance.  They sat un-loved for years, waiting to be displayed, waiting to have their beauty admired, waiting for someone to notice the craftsmanship and hand forged design.  Tusker Metals was hired to duplicate his panels to create a dramatic entrance to his home using solid steel flat bar that is hand forged, heated and curved using the old school approach, over a high temp forger.  

cable steel fence railing

Steel Cable Fence With Custom Cut Oak Tree

Using large square steel tube, arched flat bar and twisted cable creates a unique, yet modern fence railing.  Our customer had commissioned Tusker Metals in Temecula to CNC laser cut 3 foot Oak Tree in 11 ga steel to be the focal point of the fence railing.   


Steel Balcony Railing

Adding 4 inch circles to a simple linear fence design allows the homeowners to have safety and not obstruct their beautiful view of the Temecula Mountains.  Tusker Metals in the Inland Empire created the 8 foot steel railing sections in-between the existing posts and powder-coated in a flat black color


Staggered Flat Panel Fence for large or small customers

When dealing with a sloping yard, our customer, an HOA, asked us to replace his existing fence with a simple fence panel.  Tusker Metals mimicked the shape of the concrete wall to ensure the lenght of the panel remained at 8  

tusker metals railing on staggered retaining wall

Staggered Retaining Wall 

Our Customer wanted to separate the slope of their back yard with a  fence on top of the retaining wall.  We created a smooth cohesive look that was simple and elegant.