Horse Head Wrought Iron Gate


Horse Head Wrought Iron Gate

Our customer commissioned us to design a custom steel gate:  The inspiration for the Horse Head Wrought Iron Gate came from not two elements, but five different gates. The husband and wife wanted to incorporate wood, ornate steel pickets, scroll work, an arch and to top it off she wanted to add some kind of horse steel piece.  The gate had to be feminine yet still hold a masculine vibe.

"I believe we have success"

The design work took quite a bit longer than expected, about 2 months to nail down all of the intricate detail of the gate, but once we were under way, the Horse Head Wrought Iron Gate was more beautiful than the customer expected.

The old gate

original gate
original gate

the original steel gate was nice but did not have enough character for the customers.  Parts were slowly rusting and deteriorating.  So out with the old, and in with the new.

The Process

we started with all of the elements and built the Horse Head Wrought Iron Gate from the ground up....literally.  The wood was burned with a torch, and then stained 3 times to get a rich dark wood tone.



... Then we added the beautiful circle steel on the wood to give it depth and balance. Remember to always use odd numbers as it will provide more balance and symmetry.


horse heads

the horse head placement on the steel gate was another story.  we had the option to have the heads facing each other in three options.  Customer chose the center option

the finished piece



The hand scroll work along with the balls on the ends of the tube add such an element of detail.


As you can see from the image below we made the steel gate as one solid swing out gate, however it looks like two separate gates.



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