"Great selection of metal from what I saw. I picked up a few AR 500 steel plates for a great price. "

- Anthony S. Sun City, CA.

Tusker Metals stocks AR500 Gongs and AR500 plate.  The AR500 is heat treated for hardness, high tensile strength ideal for shooting targets and abrasive purposes 



AR-500 shooting targets and hostage silhouettes are available at Tusker Metals.  The AR500 plate is the ideal metal preferred by gun enthusiasts.

  • Silhouette thickness
  • Height
  • Width
  • Stand Sold separately (see stands below)

AR500 Gong

Tusker Metals offers AR500 steel gongs in the following sizes.

  • 3/16 thick AR 500 plate
    • 6" AR500 gong
    • 8" AR500 gong
    • 10" AR500 gong
  • 1/4 thick AR 500 plate
    • 6" AR500 gong
    • 8" AR500 gong
    • 10" Ar500 gong
  • Tusker Metals is able to ship the gongs within the United states for a nominal fee.  Please contact us by phone or email for more detail.
  • 951-506-0927  info@tuskersurplusmetals.com
ar500 shooting-target-sheppards-hook

Sheppard's Hook

Tusker Surplus Metals custom makes sheppard's hooks for shooting Ar500 target gongs.  The picture shown is custom designed and the hook was supplied by the customer.

Silhouette Stand

The AR500 Silhouette Shooting Stand, or hostage target stand is custom designed by Tusker Metals.  Our Sample shown is 

  • height including silhouette
  • width
  • length
dueling-tree-tusker-metals-jpg copy

Dueling Tree

The Dueling Tree, one of avid target shooter's favorite targets is available for sale at Tusker Metals.  We completely customize the Tree for you using 6 inch flip paddles.  Call or email us if you are interested in having a custom dueling tree designed for you.

Custom Gong Stand


The Gong Stand is completely collapsible and is custom made to meet your needs.  you can use just one gong or three or four.  Each gong stand is custom made to your specifications.

tusker-metals-customer-gong-stand-collapsible- copy