"Since Rancho Metals closed down in Temecula, we have not had any place to buy metal...So glad Tusker Metals have set up shop."

- Matt P.

Metal Fabrication: tube cutting, CNC laser cutting, hole punch and hole drilling.  Tusker Metals is able to offer metal cutting to simplify your project or enhance your business presence

CNC Laser Cutting

Tusker Metals offers laser cutting services.  Please provide us with a drawing and we can price each individual inquiry

Custom Logo

We are able to offer metal cutting to brand your logo.  Please provide an email of your logo, size and thickness of steel and we will provide pricing.

Metal Cutting

Tusker Metals offers custom cut to lenght sizes in either small quantities or large bundle quantites.  Tolerances are normally +/- 1/16" email us your inquiry and we will get back to you with pricing.  Don't forget to provide us with your material type, OD, Wall and custom length.

Custom Hole Punch

Tusker Metals can provide hole punching and drilling on your square tube and flat stock. send an email with drawing including thickness, hole size and hole placement "on center" and we will offer competitive pricing to you within 24 hours